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Darbas Anglijoje

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Job Description


Job Summary

You will be responsible for providing a warm, friendly welcome and efficient service to all our clients. You will welcome and provide refreshments to clients, make appointments, answer the telephone, email correspondence, resolve queries and deal with payments along with any day to day duties. You should have great attention to detail, have strong customer service skills and be confident when speaking to guests.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Answering the telephone

  • Booking appointments

  • Taking Payments

  • Email correspondence

  • Customer service

Qualifications and Skills

  • A warm, friendly personality who is able to talk confidently and clearly with clients, with a friendly telephone manner.

  • Friendly, Personable and flexible approach

  • Able to work unsupervised.

  • Good administrative skills.

Job Type: Part-time

Use a computer system on a day to day basis to record appointments, visits, keys, etc. 

Welcomes visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries. 

Offering refreshments when appropriate 

Directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions. 

Keeping the reception area tidy 

In return, we offer a competitive salary package, training, access to a (company car or pool car), and the opportunity to grow your expertise at an expanding company that can offer you a rewarding and progressive career.  



Position:  Sales and Customer Service Coordinator

Company: Craftsman Ltd.

Location: Abbots farm, Sulhamstead Road, Reading, RG7 4EE


Company Background:

CRAFTSMAN LTD - a family based company operating in the UK for more than 15 years and supplying quality granite, marble, quartz stone worktops, and stone products to a large variety of private and commercial clients all over the country is looking for a new team member.


Job description:

As the Customer Service Coordinator or Sales representative, you will be responsible for liaising with new and returning customers, suppliers as well as the production unit. Working in this role you will be the main point of contact (email, phone, and face to face) for all customer inquiries. Day to day, you will be tasked with providing customer quotations, scheduling engineers with customer site visits, managing orders, issuing invoices, ordering the materials.


Position Description:

This is a position that combines responsibilities in the areas of office admin work, customer service, sales, and marketing. On an ongoing basis, you assist customers who call to inquire about the company’s products and services. You also make calls to follow-up on new quotes to schedule new installations. When you are not assisting customers, you are making sales calls by phone to generate new business leads. Schedule templating, manufacturing and fitting daily activities. Developing marketing plans with company managers.


Skills & Experience Required: 

‣ Previous customer/sales service experience.

‣ Drawing analyzing and understanding for making quotes for customers

‣ Excellent verbal & written communication.

‣ Able to prioritize and multi-task.

‣ Highly organized, with good attention to detail.

‣ Proactive approach, with the ability to solve problems.

‣ Able to work unsupervised.

‣ Good working knowledge of computer skills.

‣ Driving license

‣ You are able to be pleasant, personable and persistent with customers.

‣ You desire to provide good customer service. You recognize that sales in the future depend in part on providing good service now.

‣ Reasonably confident English ability.

‣ You have a strong interest to meet or exceed sales goals and to be rewarded with higher compensation based on your results.

‣ You are interested in marketing and sales and in developing marketing plans.

‣ You are interested in working Weekends when required.

‣ You are able to be pleasant, personable and persistent with customers.

‣ Good administrative skills (invoices, payments, follow up, planning, etc, posting samples).

‣ Stock & Inventory management.

‣ H&S tasks.

‣ Keeping reception/showroom area tidy.


Candidates must be able to meet or exceed sales goals after a short time of getting to know the company and the sales tools and resources.  


In return we offer

  • Part-time, or full-time job with flexible working hours.

  • If agreed working from home or with family members at the workplace.

  • After trial period possibility to work full time.

  • National Minimum Wage during the trial period.

  • Opportunity to grow your expertise at an expanding company that can offer you a rewarding and progressive career.   


Please send your CV till 2nd September to marius@craftsmanltd.co.uk

Marius Bukys
Craftsman Ltd
Mob: 07748460049
Telephone: 01189834588, 01183215573

Unit 8, Abbots Farm, Sulhamstead Road, Burghfield Common, READING, Berkshire, United Kingdom, RG7 4EE (RG7 4ED). Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/w5wV
   Marius150.jpg     Ohl78S9575qbyrO_fESCLrHTMQTJQEggrZFiixn-98TEXrA3mWQsYqnhJFuoHHCAfW24IhVgQM3Iw1WS0OXLPDRPadFOpzXxymZIkyolRMLnG10DJit9yLd1Rv76JQcfHBbYHcWXjJMIFASzJF8gXRy4-wVXeeBbvia1aL3NbQrEWfj6sgX8pmo4vRZzdQtX4-ZAtLpvUHBsLhdT_EPLXkRkXBLkIMmuNHB57nLNEJpcmZ6MtSL5WpF12_IyDYa2nrthOISJLgdBoOZWuPq5_-YPcOzha5RnuMZ3YfIzpksernosfSR50_vYY3vMxVvT4MfGfvHe7dKQfcbmyO0rnevDIVfEoiLOzKfZBGwCbwo2VMpHPY68u7fmCqtPXo88J8np1Suk3pcT7OtNTpVzs9CSvD9yjJMNuknu8gZrbpQk9evcBjpdGDKxjvsChNOK66UI-ZoT4Q8AjZ6G4lrrc-wu0JHE_PpxP5iaUfLOyFACtvweAw21WMtFCKc2SG6rLpwluVNZe8m89ypKiS-200v8nG_QoQRAWSHJNH0C7XOBqxbKY5JbzZp2Dz3QOpmgUdTQtj7ZMuPTANC8qlVNISm9K7PS16D5fsrmpJHPyxTm5HA8y22oC6zUztFXlq9K_qzbAdg2CHhOqySJjQEdtnuAEGmttnAcRLVgPJGyUu4yEg0KOeBWvKUVzlnJhVavdD1hxnjO9j_WksCYVOKeM98QDw=w760-h328-no


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